Our goal as a vertical manufacturer is to increase efficiency and reduce cost while continuously improving our quality and efficiencies. As the world becomes more digital and autonomous, our customers will see the clear benefits of our fast, reliable, and efficient service.

SOS Group Ltd. has been in the textile manufacturing business for over 25 years and its product development, manufacturing and retail merchandising team has over 100 years in combined experience.


SOS Group’s fabric division is a technician driven team with each member specializing in a particular focus of fabric weaving, dying , printing, coating, and final treatment procurement , etc.

SOS Ltd. technicians are dedicated to ensuring quality requirements through the production process.

In addition, SOS Ltd. controls all aspects of the supply chain during fabric conversion and takes complete financial interest in all purchases of raw materials and greige goods.

In short, each level is broken down to where we control each and every process. This creates a truly vertical fabric supply. Our current line includes all woven, knit, and synthetics fabrics with wet print and heat transfer print.


SOS Ltd. has a full-service design, product development, retail merchandising and innovation center in the U.S. further streamlining the vertical development process for our clients. Our team in the U.S. can be in your office in 24 hours if necessary or your team can come to our offices centrally located in Springfield, MO and work in our innovation center full of the latest fabrics, product development and trend analysis.



Bangladesh Factories and Operation
SOS Group Owns 3 Factories in Bangladesh, with a 4th factory under construction.

In addition to C-PAT, Sedex , BSCI and Warp, our factories have full retailer audits on a yearly basis as well as independent audits done regularly. Full review of our compliance standards is the best viewed during an in-depth factory visit.


MZM CEPZ Ltd is a branded factory for SOS Group as of 2011. Located in Chittagong, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
It is exporting to US, Europe and Canada market from 2011.

Total Factory Area      : 240,000 Sqft ( 6th floors building)
Total Machines           : 1580
Total Lines                  : 24 Lines
Total Manpower         : 3,600
Major Products           : Shirt/Pant/Jacket/Hunting Dress/Denim/Outerwear
Major Products           : Garments-350,000 Pcs/Month

SOS Outfitters Ltd.

SOS Outfitters Ltd is a branded new factory for SOS Group as of 2020. Located in Chittagong, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
It is exporting to US, Europe and Canada market from 2021.

Total Factory Area      : 84,000 Sqft ( 7th floors building)
Total Machines           : 780
Total Lines                  : 12 Lines
Total Manpower         : 1,500
Major Products           : Shirt-250,000 Pcs/Month
Major Products           : Backpack-25,000 Pcs/Month

NAS Outdoors Ltd.

Nas Outdoors Ltd is a branded factory for SOS Group as of 2021. Located in Chittagong, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
It will export to US, Europe and Canada market from 2023.

Total Factory Area      : 250,000 Sqft ( 6th floors building)
Total Dining Area       : 30,000 Sqft ( 6th floors building)
Total Machines            : 1580
Total Lines                  : 24 Lines
Total Manpower          : 3,700
Major Products           : Pant/Jacket/Back Pack/Tent
Major Products           : Pant-200,000 Pcs/Month
                                     Jacket-150,000 Pcs/Month
                                     Back Pack-100,000 Pcs/Month
                                     Tent-70,000 Pcs/Month

Factories & Fabric Mills:

• SOS Group owns 4 factories in Bangladesh MZM, Outfitters, NAS , with 4th new factory planned to come on board in 2022-2023.
• SOS Factories employ  over 14,000 workers and have 60 production lines with a monthly output average of more than 120,000 dozen garments.
• Core areas of expertise and success are in hunt clothing, flannels, all bottoms, shirt jacks, outerwear, and rainwear
• Expertise in technical outerwear, including fully taped waterproof/breathable, sew free, laser cutting, and down jacket operations.
• All factories are CPAT, BCA, BV, SGS, and Alliance Accord certified
• Joint venture in woven fabrics with Tak Sang Textile with annual production of approximately 85 million meters of fabric.
• Expertise in the conversion of camouflage patterns with range of 8 to 16 color process and hundreds of different substrates.
• Joint venture with LiXin Knitting in Ningbo, China.  On site, advance wash facility specializing in burn out, dirty wash, and garment dye